1. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the instructor?
  2. What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?
  3. What do you suggest to improve this course?


Student answers:

  • 1: No weaknesses, excellent teacher.
  • 1: Very eloquent. 2: The teaching. 3: Nothing, everything is good. I love your teaching, very clear and concise.
  • 1: Presentation of material & explanation is great. At times however the professor skips some mental/theoretical steps. 3: N/A.
  • 1: Farzad knows how to interact with the class and can explain difficult concepts to the students with ease. Better time management though.
  • 1: Explanation of topic was good.
  • 1: The instructor goes out of his way to answer questions. 2: The office hours and lectures. 3: Don’t test so hard.
  • 1: Delivers concepts clearly and concisely. 2: Very interesting concepts to learn. 3: More buffer in terms of grades (course is pretty difficult.)
  • 1: Excellent instructor, always prepared and able to answer any questions.
  • 1: Other than handwriting, everything was great.
  • 1: He explains very clearly.
  • 1: Very intelligent; never a question he couldn’t answer. Relying on the compass discussion board was a mistake; Compass is inadequate for visualizing explanations of questions. 3: I know it’s a summer course and limited staff but more office hours would have been helpful.
  • 1: S: Farzad knows the material very well and makes it easier to understand in class. W: Writes aggressively on chalkboard when he breaks chalk throws to ground kick it and keep moving. 2: The course helped me to improve counting skills as well as develop an overall better thinking process. 3: For the summertime I felt that we were all hurt by the limited amount of time to learn the material. More office hours could have helped also.
  • 1: The instructor knows the material very well and seems to enjoy teaching. He is a very good instructor, but tends to let students talk too much in class. 2: Continuous type distributions. 3: More office hours. The material is extremely tough to grasp in the beginning and needs more office hours.
  • 1: He’s perfect. 2: All aspects. 3: Nothing.